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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

I just like this photo.

©Rena Katinas

©Rena Katinas


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

©Rena Katinas

So, I’m a little behind on my Photo Challenges. With the subject being sky, I shouldn’t be, as I’m a big fan of cloud watching and star gazing. Anyhoo, I shot this the day after the Great Storm of June 2011, from my back porch.

Sunset From the Dan Ryan Expressway

photo ©2009 Rena Katinas

Cloudy Day

photo ©2009 Rena Katinas

Last Shot Of The Day

©Rena Katinas

This shot would have been useless if it had not been for Adobe Lightroom and that I switched to shooting in RAW format that day. As I was heading towards the subway, I thought I’d grab a quick shot across Daley Plaza. I metered for the sky, which left everything else black. My second shot, meant to expose for the architecture was ruined by a bus. I was without a tripod, so getting another shot in perfect registration wasn’t going to happen. Plus I was running late and needed to get home so I could get ready to see the new Star Trek movie, so I figured the shot was lost.

I couldn’t toss such a cool sky and imported it into Adobe Lightroom any way. Once it was in my library, I made a second virtual copy and brought out the mid-tones and highlights. I left the original copy with the exposed sky alone. I exported both copies to Photoshop, and opened them separately. It was easiest (laziest) to magic wand the black buildings silhouettes, saving the selection for use with both files. Then it was just a matter of pasting the sky into the second image.

It’s definitely not perfect, an image THAT underexposed, really has no business being corrected to that level in Lightroom, there is some color fringing on the edges that may have been correctable, or not. At least now I know that in a pinch, when I’m caught without my tripod, I can still sandwich “multiple” images, with just one (hopefully better exposed) RAW image and Adobe Lightroom.

The original image on the left, extremely underexposed for the sky, and the adjusted virtual copy on the right-a real testament to Adobe Lightroom.