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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illuminate

©Rena Katinas

I intended to post this before Christmas, but as it is for most people, I was busy, busy, busy. This is the tree at Richard J Daley Center, and to be totally honest, I don’t like how the tree has been set up off to the side like an afterthought in a cluttered room, with this horribly ugly barricade.

Many moons ago the tree used to be set up centrally in the plaza, with a visually less offensive, gate-like barricade. The spatial harmony with the Picasso and wide expanse of negative space was a major contributor to it’s beauty. As someone who has always loved Christmas trees and trees strung up with lights in general, the Daley tree was something magical to behold, especially when I was a child. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea. They should’ve talked to me. I would’ve told them, “This is a less than brilliant idea.” I was not consulted.

Oftentimes a negative will go hand in hand with a positive, and this is no exception. I have made statements to the effect that I have been just a tiny bit obsessed with the panoramic feature on my iPhone. I said I was going to knock it off. But I can’t. I tried. So there I was, giving in to my panoramic obsession, when I realized that the tree paired up with the Chicago Temple Building quite nicely in size and beauty. The Chicago Temple Building is a lovely example of an early twentieth century neo-gothic skyscraper and contributes to the wonderful variety of Chicago architecture.

So, though for me, the Daley tree has lost it’s essence of installation art achieved through it’s juxtaposition with it’s surroundings I’ve at least found photographic harmony in spite of it.

©Rena Katinas

©Rena Katinas

I started to play around with Topaz Glow in Adobe Lightroom and ended up with this energetic image. Though it magnifies the downside of live panorama shooting and if it looked like this in real life, it might just damage your retinas, the tree looks pretty darn cool!


Rush Limbaugh and Osama Bin Laden, Traitors Separated At Birth?

With millions of Americans unemployed, our youth dying in Iraq for an astronomical cost and corporate lobbyists having a greater political voice than us, the American people, you, Rush Limbaugh hope the president that the American people elected to correct eight years of failure, FAILS? 

After having criminals in the White House for eight years, dismantling our constitution, you now hope the president we elected to clean up all the damage these two criminals have wreaked upon our country, FAILS? 

How are your sentiments any different than someone who is against the war in Iraq, saying they hope we lose? I can be against the war in Iraq, but I certainly don’t wish it to go badly. Somewhere in the process of losing, more American soldiers would be killed. If the president fails, that means more people suffering under the repercussive weight of criminal acts perpetrated  by George Bush and Dick Cheney. You can be pissed off that we elected President Obama, but wishing for his failure which would lead to more Americans suffering, is pretty selfish. 

Much like my own Gov. Blagojevitch, you place your ego above the needs of the American people and you disgust me, more than you’ve ever disgusted me before, and that’s saying something! Thank God the only people you have power over are your dittoheads.

It must be nice to earn so much money as to be completely removed from average American people who live on a budget, who are losing their homes, the elderly who might not even be able to afford dog food to eat, the sick who have no choice but to seek medical attention at emergency rooms because they have no alternative or health insurance. What’s the matter Rush, are you worried you’ll have to have to finally pay your fair share of taxes? Will that not leave you with enough money for oxycontin?

What would make YOU happy, Rush? More people out of work? More people without a roof over their heads? More dead and wounded in Iraq? How about a complete economic collapse then?

When you say you hope the efforts President Obama undertakes to make this country a better place to live for ALL Americans, not just YOU, actually fails, you sound an awful lot like Osama Bin Laden.

As far as this American citizen is concerned, you speak like a traitor to the American people no matter how you MEANT those words, because anyone who would prefer the success of an ideology over the success of the American people is a flat out, Un-American jerk. I don’t generally like the term Un-American, but this time it’s the best word for the job.

You remind me of the two rich old guys in the movie “Trading Places”, who bet on the survival of Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd after having their lives turned upside down. By the way, Rush, you’re the meaner old guy. You’ve confused us, a nation of people, with a nation of pawns in an ideology experiment. 

I DO love this country. How many places can someone have the freedom to spout quasi-treasonous rhetoric, to an audience of millions, while their head is shoved completely up their ass, while somewhere else a soldier is fighting, supposedly for your freedom to do it?