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Caption Box Rammed Down Unsuspecting User’s Throat

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I have no idea how pictures I grabbed on the Blue Line from my phone, ended up in my Media Library on WordPress, or why I can only put text in this caption box when using images from Media Library in a post, or how to get rid of this dumb caption box, which is ugly and out of place with this theme. Hmmm.


WordPress 2.5

I have to say, that I am really enjoying WordPress 2.5. It’s like a new world for those of us who were using really outdated WP versions. One thing I DO miss is the ability to add a music signature, using the Firefox add-on, FoxyTunes. Ultimately it’s a non-essential, though. The new Dashboard is just terrific compared to 2.0.x, it’s clean and smooth, and makes blogging more efficient and fun than it was before!

I’m even beginning to like this theme, I wish it had a larger header though. It doesn’t seem to have support for widgets, but it’s clean! Most of the widgets I would’ve added are incorporated into the theme already, such as the calendar and search field. The three widgets I WISH were incorporated into the theme are: flickr and the tag and categories clouds.

Hello world!

Well, I haven’t decided if this will be my temporary home, until I find a new host, or if I will just settle here. StartLogic, my host for 3 more weeks, doesn’t seem to support WordPress 2.5, which is pretty frustrating, as I’ve wasted much time trying to upgrade/backing up my WordPress 2.0.4 blog.

In the meantime I will move my previous posts here, one by one, as WordPress 2.0.4 doesn’t seem to allow exporting of anything.

Hey! Maybe I will actually find a theme I like in the meantime, as I am not completely into the one I’m using now. More on that later.

StartLogic and WordPress 2.5

I installed the new WordPress 2.5 today, at least I thought I did. Everything works, but:

Day One – No change, whatsoever. Emptied my Firefox cache, where is this upgraded and super new version, that I just gave a good hour of my life backing up the old version for? Something is terribly, terribly wrong. It still appears I’m in WordPress 2.0.3 …nifty!