Nope, I'm not.

Gettin’ My Scribble On

scribble©2011 Rena Katinas

My little painting area is in total disarray right now. I became so frustrated with my attempt to rearrange for not only my right handedness but for my easel to face, god forbid, light, that I just left everything in a state of mid-rearrange. It’s now becoming my white whale and I’ve chosen the time-honored tactic of avoidance to deal with it over the last few nights.

What’s the best way to avoid doing things you should be doing? Corel Painter! (Also GarageBand, but I don’t want to confuse things further.) Why spend your late nights figuring out how build a large tabouret that won’t fall over without the aid of wood or tools, when my computer already has a studio filled with art supplies that are organized and easy to find.

I tend to do a lot of doodling and scribbling, after I first open Painter, it’s a good way to warm up and free my mind. So I scribbled away, lost in the zone listening to Panjabi MC, only half paying attention to the marks I was laying out. When I stopped, I realized my jamming to Indian hip hop scribble had turned into some sort of figurative scribble by accident and I was pleased!


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