Nope, I'm not.

Two Days Till…

Christmas Tree

There’s only two days left to enjoy the tree. I wish it were more, the best part of the holiday season, for me, is the tree. Somehow a tree strung with lights manages to make winter bearable for me. This is why, to many a friend’s annoyance, in the past I’ve left the tree standing WAY past it’s expiration date. Some years they have just grabbed my tree and chucked it off my porch, or out the window (that was pretty fun to watch!)

If only there were a way to keep that seasonal magic going through February. The starkness of winter really hits me once the twinkle and sparkle are put away for another year. I think I may need to create a winter decorative tradition that can last through the long bitter cold nights of January and February. I guess I could just completely invent some more winter holidays or figure out how to put a fireplace into an apartment without a chimney and without killing us all.

I think Brutus the Malamute  and Séamus O’Reilly the cat will miss whacking the ornaments across the apartment for me to find later, covered in drool and god knows what else. It’s quite a hoot for them; not so much for me.


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