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Empty Suit Appointed As Next Illinois Senator

I read a comment that we Illinoisans should just accept Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s appointment of Roland Burris. After after all he’s just an empty suit, who will vote the way we want him to, and Senator Dick Durbin can handle the weighty lawmaking duties.

You know what? I want more than an empty suit as senator! The idea that we should lower our expectations and accept an appointment of someone because, hey! at least they’re inoffensive or he’s the only untainted guy we can find, is ridiculous. 

I don’t want a “default senator” for the next two years, I want someone with ideas and a vested interest in making the United States a better place to live for all of us.  

As someone who voted Obama into his senate seat, I want a lot better than Roland Burris. The people of the 1st district deserve more than a crash test dummy or an old school politician as their senator. 

It sickens me to see Bobby Rush take this opportunity to step up in order to act as a self-serving, divisive tool, by placing skin color above quality for the senate appointment. He is no better than those who branded anyone who disagreed with Sarah Palin, anti-woman, or people who don’t wear flag pins on their lapels as unpatriotic. 

I hope people are not fooled by Bobby Rush’s tactics. Sometimes the easiest path is not the best path to follow. It is just not right to accept this appointment, not for Illinois residents, and not for the rest of the country.


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