Nope, I'm not.

StartLogic and WordPress 2.5

I installed the new WordPress 2.5 today, at least I thought I did. Everything works, but:

Day One – No change, whatsoever. Emptied my Firefox cache, where is this upgraded and super new version, that I just gave a good hour of my life backing up the old version for? Something is terribly, terribly wrong. It still appears I’m in WordPress 2.0.3 …nifty!

So let me get this straight, not only is WP 2.5 not working, but this Visitered Little theme is sucking filbert nuts as well, since I am still waiting for the magic to happen with those thumbnails.

Update: It’s all StartLogic’s fault, as it seems they don’t have the support for any version of WordPress above 2.0.4. I would assume the visitered theme doesn’t work properly in anything below 2.5, as well.


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