Nope, I'm not.

Sugar Cookies! Visitered Little 1.6, Works Quite Little

I love this new theme “Visitered Little” 1.6 by Nik Iliakis, but damn it all to hell, the wallpapers do not change no matter what I do. I replaced the original wallpapers with my own photos, renaming them after the original file names for the theme, and waited for those nifty thumbnails to be generated. Waited. Waited. No thumbnails. The old thumbnails still manage to link to the wallpapers which I deleted, instead of my own personal, and re-named photos. Bleh!
What kinda bogus baloney have I gotten myself into?

Well, I’m still enjoying the theme, for now, but what makes it so great, isn’t working, and that is disappointing.

Update: Day 3, still waiting for the MAGIC to happen, where are those thumbnails that are supposed to generate themselves? Should I pray? Dance round a fire? This theme may be too mystical for me…
Now playing: Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts I
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