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Some Cool Software I’ve Found

Xingtone – Make ringtones for your cellphone, hundreds of phones are supported. It costs $20, but you can download the demo version and get 10 free uploads. Mac & Windoze

FotoMagico – A slide show presentation creator. I like it better than iphoto. It gives you better control over the pan and zoom effects, incorporates iTunes, and is really quick and easy to use. Mac & Windoze

Nicecast – Let’s you broadcast what you’re listening to in iTunes using your own computer as a server. Once you are broadcasting, just copy the url and send it to your friends so they can listen too. The demo version degrades in sound quality after 20 minutes. I think it costs $15 which is pretty reasonable in my estimation. I think this is Mac only.

Gizmo Project – A free VOIP program that allows you to call other VOIP users (including Skype) for free. (You can use your computer as a phone to call others on their computer, as long as they have Gizmo Project or Skype, or some other VOIP software.) You can call landlines and cell phones as well, but it costs $0.01 per minute, pretty cheap. Your computer also gets it’s own phone number which others can call from landlines and cellphones…which doesn’t cost you a thing! You have no excuse, it’s free and available for Mac, Windoze and Linux!


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  1. Very pretty design! Keep working. Go on!

    March 10, 2007 at 2:27 am

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